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SAP Training: IAU270 Vehicle Management System

Up & Away Advisors has long experience preparing and presenting VMS training material.  As a member of the SAP Automotive Industry Business Unit, our consultants were key contributors to the development of the course material, and have conducted the training for multiple customers around the globe.  

Up & Away Advisors has been contracted by SAP to teach the IAU270 class, at both training centers and on-line.

SAP discontinued the IAU270 course in 2014, but continues to engage with Up & Away Advisors to provide training.

Up & Away Advisors VMS Training

Up & Away Advisors has developed its own set of training materials, that includes access to a demo system.  The standard training offering is 3 days, but can be customized to meet specific needs.  The course can be offered on site, or remotely.  Sample slides from the training material are presented below.  Please visit the Contact page to request more information about scheduling training.  

vms training offered up & away Advisors