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Evaluation: VMS is built on top of ECC, making extensive use of functionality in the MM and SD modules.  However, there is additional functionality provided with VMS that can enable business scenarios not feasible with standard MM and SD.  However, making use of this functionality requires that master data and business process can be modeled to be consistent with VMS requirements.  Up & Away Advisors can evaluate the business requirements to determine if the VMS solution will be a good fit or not.

Blueprinting: Once the decision is made to go with VMS, Up & Away Advisors will examine how the solution should be implemented to support business needs.  There are a number of standard actions provided with the VMS solution, but these capabilities can be enhanced with the development of custom actions or user exits.  Blueprinting will identify the development requirements, including key interfaces with configuration engines, external business partners, and vehicle tracking systems.  

Realization: Once the business processes have been defined, they will be configured in the system through VMS action matrixes.  It is possible to extend the capabilities of VMS by developing custom actions.  Even though the coding is done in ABAP, there is a distinct method that should be adopted when developing VMS objects.  Up & Away Advisors has development resources that can produce these custom objects, or can provide training to in-house resources to speed them down the learning curve.  

Up & Away Advisors has successfully implemented VMS in a number of manufacturing environments, and has expertise regarding the development objects needed to integrate VMS with the SAP IS-Automotive Manufacturing solutions.

Support: Up & Away Advisors can also provide support after the Go-Live, using remote access to diagnose issues that prevent the vehicle record from moving through the business process.  VMS is a very flexible tool, that can be adjusted to support changing business requirements.  Up & Away Advisors can be engaged to examine, implement, and fully test the updates to a live VMS solution.

VMS implementation services offered by up & away Advisors